Monday, October 13, 2008

Click, Camera, Pose

Miss Online is a new social network for models and photographers. This is the best way to connect with fellow models and photographers online. Members can join for free, create a profile and upload unlimited pics to there Miss Online account.

Miss Online is like myspace or facebook of modeling sites. Members have the full access on their account, they can even customize their profile, members can also add apps to their page, and the best thing is that members can interact with others through forums or chat rooms. Every member has the ability to express themselves with there own blog.

If you are a model and a photographer and are looking for a great exposure this is the best site to join. The Miss Online website are growing rapidly at a rate of about 40 percent per month. Every month they will have a featured model section. The site is a great way for upcoming models to get there face in front of people and gain exposure.

For model managers, agents, photographers; the site also provided a Casting Call section where you can post job offering for models daily.

They are a new site and they already have 4,000 members and 400,000 page views/month. They were ranked "Best New Modeling Site" for 2008 by the modeling 100.

So for those aspiring models, photographers, agents and model managers join now at Miss Online website, its free and you can gain more exposure by joining their website.

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