Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've Marked My 2 Year Anniversary in the US today..

Today will be my second anniversary since I arrived and reside in the US. Although we arrived in El Paso, Texas on the 8th of October 2006 but my port of entry from Philippines was in Los Angeles, California.

A lot of things happened to me since I arrived here and my journey begins here. First, I got hitched with my long time boyfriend online and we will be celebrating our second year wedding anniversary pretty soon. Then we file for my adjustment of status to be able to continue and lived in the United States of America and was granted a two year conditional permanent residence. Eventually, next year we will be doing another process of my papers to lift up the condition of my permanent residence card commonly known as the "Green Card". Then I was able to land a job which I enjoy a lot. And finally, I received my evaluated transcript and it open so much opportunity for me to practice my degree from the Philippines here in the US.

I am having fun learning to speak and write in Spanish.I also learned to drive although I haven't gotten my license - darn it! but oh well hopefully before this year end I'll be able to have it. I already acquired a taste for Mexican foods which at first makes me cry because it was totally different food that I used to eat in the Philippines. I am very happy that my husband loved Filipino foods.

Over all I have a good time living in the United States minus not seeing my family back in the Philippines. Eventually, we will be visiting them and that's a promised from the bottom of my heart.

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