Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yes, Its Cold

For the past few days its been really cold here in Texas. I haven't had the chance to wash our winter clothes that I put away on our storage room. Hopefully, by the end of the week I will have the chance to do so.

Its really hard when both of you husband and wife have to work full time but oh well that's life right? We both have been working a lot lately, I only have one day off at my working place and my husband actually works a lot.

Anyways, I am happy that I still have a job you know since a lot of business establishments here have been shut down due to the economic condition in the US. Its been really bad for this past months. You can't hardly see people anymore at those fancy restaurants or even in the mall. Unless, there are some kind of discounted sales during holidays or so.

I like Winter Season because I can play with the snow and everything but the only bad thing about it is that I still haven't adjusted to the cold weather. Well, I just need to make sure to thoroughly wrap myself, maybe about 3 sweaters and 3 pairs of socks and then a warm jacket, I bet that would work for me.

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