Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Creating A Happier Home!

1. Provide Order and Stability- Kids need a routine so they feel calm and reassured. A predictable daily schedule, clear rules, and an organized house make both you and your children more relaxed and comfortable. So when crises do occur, kids know there’s a part of life that won’t change. A calm bedtime routine is a good start.

2. Hold Family Meetings- That way everyone knows they’ll have a certain time when they can talk about something that’s bothering them, or share good news. It’s also a good time to plan for the week ahead and avoid last minute anxiety over whether they have a ride to a music lesson or new soccer shoes for practice.

3. Create Rituals- Setting aside special times of the day or week to come together as a family gives kids a sense of continuity. Some families observe religious rituals while others make up their own, like pizza and scrabble on Friday nights. Rituals give children things to look forward to.

4. Parents should encourage loving feelings in their children- Studies have shown that parents who spend time playing, joking with, and sharing their own thoughts with their kids have children who are more friendly, generous, and loving. So, take time to just hang out together, and insist that children treat others with kindness and respect - especially their siblings.

5. Schedule Parent-Only Time- When you’re upset about bills, or you get angry you’re your spouse, you create an atmosphere that kids might find upsetting. So, take a long walk without the kids and schedule regular dates to help soothe your worries and recreate the love that brought you together in the first place. When you’re happy, you’ll be a much better parent to your children.

I really have a close bond with my big family back in the Philippines. We always have Monday's as our Family Home Evening. We used to discuss topics and we also have time to share our talents and my mother used to cook special dish every Monday. We actually share our plan for the whole week and then share what we need to do.

I remember that my mother make a list of schedule for us to follow. For example if who will be the one to wash the dishes, fold the blankets, wash the clothes, prepare the table and so on. As the oldest child, I usually help my younger brothers and sisters with their assignment and then teach them how to read and do math.

I admire my parents for being so diligent in keeping our home a happier one for all of us. I am very pleased with their good examples.

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