Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grocery Shopper Tips

The Cereal Aisle- the cereals that are smack dab in front of you, at eye level, are usually the ones loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugars – because the manufacturers pay extra to have them placed there, since people normally reach for what’s in front of them. Also, beware of the term, “Made with whole grains!” Eating whole grain Cocoa Puffs isn’t much different than the original kind. What you want is a cereal that has at least five grams of fiber per serving. So check the label.

The Bread Aisle- Look for breads that have at least two grams of fiber per slice and list whole wheat or another “whole” grain – like whole oat – as the first ingredient. Also, avoid white bread like the plague. It has next to no nutrients.

Meat Section- Choose “loin” cuts – like sirloin and tenderloin. They’re usually the leanest. Dr. Nestle says make sure you keep portion sizes down to about a quarter of your plate – or three ounces. It might seem small, but it’s just right.

Freezer Section- pass up frozen pizzas, pockets, pastries and anything with “big” or “hungry” on it. They’re usually packed with calories and saturated fat. The ones that are “lean” often have too much sodium in them. If you absolutely MUST grab a frozen meal, just look for a light one that has the least amount of sodium – because your total intake for the day shouldn’t be more than 2,400 milligrams.

So be smart, stick to your diet plan.

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