Saturday, October 18, 2008

Real Age Does Matter


For most people when it comes to asking about their real age often times they get mad at you for being disrespectful or tactless as they say. Since I work in a restaurant I always meet people whom I think is very old because of their physical appearance and can be considered a Senior Citizen age.

Well, before I used to asked them if what is exactly their age before I can give them a 10 percent discount of the food that they order, but I have learned my lesson not to asked them again. Most of the time, they will say I'd rather not tell you what my age is or they always say, why do you want to know?

Now, I don't really bother to ask their age every time I see older people at the store. I will wait that they will be the one to tell me or asked me if they can avail the 10 percent Senior Discount that we have for the food that they order.

And then I found this website about RealAge Test. I was very excited and I even try it myself.

Actually, my age based on my birth date is 26 years old. I was speechless after I took the RealAge Test when I found out that my body's biological age was 24.5 years old , I was really surprised and I can't even believed it until now.

My real age is younger because I do not routinely take any medicines. The real explanation is that the more medicines we take, the greater chance that one may cause harms or counteracts the intended benefit of another medication.

This RealAge Test website is good for people that are health conscious or even for people who want to know about their biological age of their body.

Take the RealAge Test! It's free! Try now and be surprised to see your real age result.



amiable amy said...

added you in my bloglist...hoping you do the same...thanks for visiting my site

Tripzibit said...

so the medicine take effect to our body metabolism?

texaswithlove1982 said...

Medicines do have effect in our body.

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