Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Super Love Music

When I am tired from work and I'll be alone in the house I always listen to music, sing and dance with the rhythm. It is already embedded in my life. Music for me is like breathing. If I don't listen to music I get crazy. If I were to choose between listening to music and watching television, it is for sure that I will choose to listen to music rather than watching TV, although there are times that I also love to watch shows on the TV. I guess it depends on my mood.

I grow up singing in front of my family, friends and relatives. Both of my parents are good singers. One of my talent is singing it sounds like I am very proud of that but its true. Most of my family members are part of our Church Choir. Some of us are sopranos and altos and some are tenor and base.

We all love karaoke. We always help trained my younger sisters and brothers to learn to hit the note correctly at a young age. I play the small guitar, my other sister Elaine play the regular Guitar and my other sister Evonne play the flute. I had piano lessons before and I plan to continue that sometime soon.

When I listened to music, I feel great. I feel relieve and happy. I love the music of Josh Groban, Enya, Celine Dion and many more. I usually love slow music, love songs, Filipino Songs, Church Songs.

When I feel sad and lonely, I always listened to music. It heals me, it relaxes and it inspires me.

Music is a part of me no matter what. I even love when my husband sings to me. And we always do karaoke, whenever my sister-in-law and her family come to visit us.

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amarilis123 said...

I love Josh Enya, Sarah Brightman Yulia, Geoff Sewell, Will Martin, George Parris but most of all Mario Frangoulis.

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