Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beverly Hills, Living Like a Celebrity

Guest post written by Peter Scottsdale

My wife Jill and I took a trip to California this past week to visit the infamous Beverly Hills. We wanted to do some shopping on Rodeo Drive, and I’ve always been curious about the elusive lives of the rich and famous.

Before heading out, I decided to take a hearing test in California since we live just a few hours away. I ended up getting a hearing aid on impulse, since I’ve been meaning to get one anyway. I thought I’d pick it up before we got started on our luxurious adventure so it’d be even more great.

The trip was fun, but we got out of there just in time, I’d say. My wife was starting to make me sweat, what with all her purchases at the many fancy boutiques we saw. You’d think she was a movie star!

After shopping, Brenda and I went on a celebrity tour. I got to see some celebrity houses from a distance, and Brenda told me that she wanted to live out here now that we are retired. I don’t know about all that, but I could certainly get use to the lifestyle.

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