Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How Old Is Too Old to Have a Baby?

I was flabbergasted last night after my husband asked me a serious question. He was asking me if how old is too old for me to have a baby? I was like; I really have no idea but maybe 35? He said that one of his colleagues told him that she had a hard time having a baby when she reached 30 years old. Hubby panic and told me that I need to be pregnant soon because he doesn't want me to have a hard time when I am on my labor in the future.

I thought it was so sweet of him to think about what I will be going through when I am delivering our future child. I am happy, nervous, excited if what our future will bring if I will get pregnant sooner. I really thought that I was ready for this question but I wasn't expecting that hubby will be the one to ask me and not the other way around.

Who knows, maybe I will get pregnant before Christmas? We will be so thrilled if it will come true.



Cacai M. said...

Agoy 30 nah, kelangan na jud ko maggama^ next year.. heheh.. pero ingon akong ob-gyne okay ra mn daw basta dli molapas og 35. I don't know for others but that's what she said to me. :) Goodluck sweetie.. duha na dayon imo baby.. yey! Ako isa lang, one healthy one. If dli tagaan ni Lord, okay lang. :)

texaswithlove1982 said...

Hello Cai, I am 28 years old right now and we are planning to have at least 2 children.... Hahay unsaon nalang ni.....

yen said...

my gosh, this sounds alerting. but it does really depend on the person. my boss first baby was 33 and she got no problem. we just have to stay healthy always. looking forward for your angel soon