Saturday, October 2, 2010

Customized Mailboxes and Address Plaques

My mother has always been a great role model to me ever since I can remember. One of the things I loved about her and I think inherit is that she always like to have her things personally customized. Her reason is that she wants the design to be peculiar and will represent her whole being. Recently, my mother asked me if I can order two customize mailboxes for  her and for my grandma.

Anyways, after attending the Saturday Session for the General Conference today I had a talk with my mother on the phone and the rest of my family. I called them today on the phone because I want to greet my little brother Ephraim and younger sister Josephine Marie on their natal day. I was happy to hear every member of my family on the phone and it made me want to go and visit them again sooner.

Well, after my phone conversation with my family back home I then check this website that a friend referred to me called Mailbox and Beyond which has a wide selection of different items such as address plaques, whitehall mailboxes, residential mailboxes, mailbox posts  and many more. I am really excited to give them a call at their toll free number 1-877-635-4255 later this week.

What are you waiting folks? Check Mailbox and Beyond today and make your dreams into reality!

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