Thursday, October 21, 2010


My sister in law and her family are planning to have their camping trip in the rocky mountains of Colorado this coming weekend. My husband's family had always been an outdoor people who like to go hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, rafting, hunting and a lot more. Last year, we were able to go with them in another camping trip and it was really fun.

Well, my nephews on my husband's side is more ready than ever because they told me that they will be bringing their new fishing gear, sleeping bags, portable DVD player, small television and winegard. My husband and I really wanted to go with them but we can't since I am attending school and my working place is opening another branch which I will be helping.

Anyways, I am looking forward on our road trip this coming November. We will be traveling to San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Dallas. We will be meeting new friends that I know online and we are looking forward to finally meet them face to face.

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analou said...

I was in rocky mountains once and the place is magnificent. They are not mistaken in taking their vacation there.

Thanks for the visit Ger. Kumusta na?

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