Friday, October 29, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Review

After an exhausting exam yesterday at school, my husband and some of our friends decided to meet up to watched the horror flick movie called "Paranormal Activity 2". The movie is a sequel on the first movie that was released last 2009. I felt very embarrass because I've scream the whole time that we were watching the movie. Everything was full of suspense and it really scares and gets the most of me.

The intense part was when the mother was drag from the room down to the basement as well as the scene where the dog was trying to escape from the invisible entity that was trying to hurt him and pull him out of the house. It was very terrifying and it gives me chill and goose bump.

One of our friends was crying because she loves dog a lot and she was not able to handle it well when she saw that scene were the dog  was hurt and had seizures. Well, I have never been scared in a long time. This movie is totally perfect for all people out there who want to feel scared and terrified for Halloween 2010.

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