Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Fun Trip to the Zoo

Written by my friend Dong Wood
Now that the summer is over, I find it a lot more enjoyable to spend time outdoors. I like to take my children to the zoo every few months but was unable to take them during the summer because of the extreme heat. Now that the weather is a lot cooler, I've been able to enjoy the fresh air of Autumn without having to worry about sweating every time I leave the house.

I took my children to the zoo about a week ago and it was such a perfect and amazing time. Before we left the house, I made sure to set my Security Choice home security alarm. After that, I packed up the car and we were ready to go. We went to the Popcorn Park Zoo, which caters to disabled and mistreated animals. The best part is that the zoo gives you a big container of popcorn to feed to the animals. My children were having such a great time throwing Popcorn to the creatures at the zoo. The smiles on their faces were definitely photo worthy.

I enjoyed the monkey's most of all. Their human-like features and habits are amazing to watch and look at. My second favorite animal exhibit at the zoo was the big cat den. I can't help but admit that I have a soft spot for big cats, like lions and tigers. My children especially loved the cats too. When we were done staring and pointing at all of the animals, we came home and made plans to go again.

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