Friday, October 15, 2010

Prevent Breast Cancer By...

While scanning the web today, I have the chance to read an article from MSN which talks about ways on how to prevent and fight breast cancer.

  • Exercise- daily exercise will help you lower the risk of breast cancer by 20 percent. According to a recent survey, too much estrogen will invite or prompts the growth of cancerous cells. Half an hour of brisk walk or power walk five days a week will help and prevent the chances of getting breast cancer.
  • Making sure you have enough Vitamin D- Vitamin D is considered the most powerful vitamins to fight breast cancer because of its cancer fighting ingredients. Daily consumption of foods that contained Vitamin D is helpful. Foods including salmon and broccoli are a common source of Vitamin D.
  • Self-exams- make sure to check your breast daily for signs of lumps, distortion, swelling, rash or other forms of deformities that you think aren't normal.
  • Stop-drinking- if you drink even just one bottle of beer a day will increase the risk of developing breast cancer by 1/3. Remember: there is no level of alcohol consumptions that are safe. Even a sip of any alcoholic beverages will increase the chance of you developing breast cancer by 50%.

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