Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going to a Michigan State Football Game

 Posted by Jerold Austin

The Michigan State Spartans have one of the greatest football programs that the country has ever seen. Going to their games is a special time when you go with friends from college for friends that you have went to school with in the past.

Green and White are the colors that the Spartans proudly display. They have an incredibly physical football team that will pound the ball down the field, and when on defense, they will terrorize the opposing offense into making mistakes.

Head coach Mark Dantonio is leading the Spartans with an undefeated season so far this year with their latest victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Coach Dantonio has turned the Spartans into a contender for the Big Ten title this year.

The Spartans have a great stadium that they play in. This will be the 87th season that the Spartans will play in Spartan stadium. They have great concessions at Spartan stadium, and they sell the fantastic Spartan gear for every fan, young and old.

It is a great time to go to a Michigan State football game. Getting there early to tailgate with friends and family, and then going to the game to watch the Spartans battle out a great afternoon of football. If I can't get to the game, I will watch college football games on satellite tv from DIRECT TV.

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