Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nutria or Coypu

While watching the re-runs of the Lawman by Steven Seagal they have come across a problem around the neighborhood about the booming population of Nutria also known as Coypu in the bayou of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Actually, nutria tends to look like large rodent who are mostly living in a large riverbank and they mostly feeds in aquatic plants or roots and some nutria also feeds in small creatures such as mussels or snails.

They can also become a problem in the area that surrounds them because they tend to acquire a taste of the farm fare. The nutria's like to dig holes which can cause soil erosion in the area. The nutria's fur are widely use in making clothes.

The picture above is courtesy of Google image.

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s.flo said...

I hate to admit it... but they're kind of cute.

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