Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Being Cheap or Being Thrifty!

I would like to share this very interesting article I have read from Yahoo Finance about two or three days ago and I actually heard this from a program hosted by John Tesh who is a famous musician as well as disc jockey. I never really thought before that there is a big difference between being thrifty and being cheap. Here are some great points to consider.

Purchasing things on sale                                                       
Putting away your money for savings                                      
Taking advantage of great deals examples                               
are -FREE REFILLS (soda,coffee)  
Giving gratuity base on the service you get such as                   
dining in a restaurant



Only buying things when it's on sale
Saving all your money and live on nothing at all
Abusing deals such as never ending free refills
Never tipping is a sign of being cheap

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