Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Page By Page

We had visited my sister in law during our Thanksgiving trip about two weeks ago and I am amazed to see my little nephew's collection of educational books. My little man as I fondly called him is a huge fan of books and I can witness that these books really help develop his love for reading and to learn new things. He is only seven years old but he is well advance for his age. He always shares his love for the animals and he had been telling all our family members that one day he will become a license veterinarian.

My little man likes to attend his Boy Scout classes and he recently attended a boy scout camping trip together with my husband's other sister Miss J. He is also attending gymnastic classes as well as painting classes every weekend.  He is an only child and I am really proud to be called him her Aunt. I wish and pray that he will become a successful veterinarian someday.

By the way, that's my little nephew above and my other sister in law. Happy Wednesday blogger land!

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