Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DIY suitcase dog bed

 All of our kids are grown up and in college now, so while they're away we really baby our little dog Cindy. Of course, she eats it all up and absolutely adores all of the attention that we give her. So when it's Christmas time, we like to wrap a few gifts up for her to put under the tree. Then we let her just tear into the wrapping paper because she always gets so excited when she sees us unwrapping our Christmas gifts.

 I was on our Wireless internet not too long ago looking for stuff to wrap up for her. Normally we just buy a few things of treats, but I also wanted something for her that would last much longer. She also goes through dog toys really quickly, so I wanted to get her something besides that.

I found some directions to make a DIY suitcase dog bed and thought that it looked like the cutest little thing for her. I also had an old suitcase that is getting replaced with a new suitcase this year from my husband, so I put that together and somehow kept her from seeing it. I think she's really going to like it.

Guest post written by Erica Wyatt

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