Friday, December 3, 2010

O Christmas Tree

On a cold, sunny, beautiful Saturday morning after Thanksgiving , my family load up in the minivan after setting our Security Choice home security alarm to venture out for that special Christmas tree. My husband, son, daughter, and I get up early and go out and eat breakfast.

We then travel to the North Carolina mountains where there are acres of trees. Picking the perfect tree means it has to be green, tall, and full. A full tree has character. The top of the tree has to be able to hold the lit star. We need full branches to be able to hold the weight of all those hand picked ornaments.

Once we have all agreed upon a tree, we then purchase our tree. We carry it as a family back to the van where it is tied to the top. On the way home we sing Christmas carols, and that night we decorate the tree. As we look at our finished masterpiece we then do a drum roll as the tree is lit for the first time. We gather round the tree and drink hot chocolate.

Thanks for the post from Wilbert Aguilar

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