Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Foil tape Christmas ornaments

Right before and during the holidays, I'm always on the lookout for different craft ideas that I can do during my spare moments. As I've done this over the years, basically all of our Christmas decorations and ornaments are crafts that I've made. I think that it makes Christmas feel and little homier and they tend to last longer than decorations that I've bought in stores.

I was online with our Clear tv bundle about a week ago, looking for some things that I could make in the time before Christmas. I found all kinds of ideas that it was hard to pick out just one or a couple. They all looked so great!

One of those crafts that I finally chose to make are these foil tape ornaments that I thought looked so beautiful! They were a nice twist on regular old glass ball ornaments without being too crazy looking or looking like they're too hard to make. And in comparison to a lot of Christmas crafts I've done, they were a breeze to make.

Guest post written by Jackie Turlington

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