Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa's Different Name Around the World

I have decided to share this very interesting article about Santa Claus and I would really love for you guys to read it. Before reading this article about a few days ago, I only knew probably two different names of Santa Claus. Here are some of his names around the world below.

  • Russia- there was a lady name Babouschka who would bring gifts for the children. The legend says that she failed to help the three wise men and she is now searching for the baby Jesus herself. Santa Claus is also known as Saint Nick in Russia but later known as Grandfather Frost who wears blue outfit instead of red.
  • Sweden- they called Santa Claus as Santa Tomte who is a gnome who comes out from under the floor or barn carrying his sack of gifts. He also rides his sleigh drawn by a goat.
  • Spain- Balthazar one of the three wise men is the one who leaves gifts for the children. The children put their shoes on the windows filled with straws, carrots and barley for the horses of the three wise men.
  • Poland- from Christmas to New Year the streets of Poland are decorated with lovely stall called Joselki. Each stalls is painted from a scene in the Christmas story.
  • North Pole- Santa's helper is getting ready to deliver their toys for the children in the world
  • Netherlands- Santa is known as Sinterklaas who arrived in boat and delivers his gift by horseback. 
  • Japan- Hoteiosha is a priest who is like Santa Claus to us. He is the one who brings the children their presents.
  • Italy- Santa Claus is known as La Befana who brings gift for the good and brings punishment for the bad.
  • France- Santa Claus is more known as Pere Noel. He is accompanied by Pre Fouettard who keep track of who has been good or bad for Pere Noel.
  • Denmark- he is known as Julemanden, he arrives in a sleigh pulled by reindeer with a sack full of gifts.
  • China- Santa is called Dun Che Lao Ren. The children hang stockings just as we do; only the Christians celebrate Christmas in China.
  • U.S/Canada- he is known as Santa Claus. 
  • Belgian- he is known as Saint Nicholas who brings them their presents.
  • England- Santa is known as Father Christmas, wearing long red robes and had sprigs of holly in his hair. 

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