Sunday, December 12, 2010

Divorce Lawyer

I have never thought in my life that I will receive a double dose of bad news on the same day. Well, my first cousin who is the daughter of my Uncle whom we visited last Thanksgiving had told everyone that her husband of 15 years had decided to end their marriage. I never imagine that their marriage will end this way because they look so good together and they have two children together whom they adore and love so much. It really made me cringe and I feel so sad right now because I look up to them.

Everyone in my family is so shock with this news but both parties agreed to start deciding which Austin Divorce Attorney will handle their case. I know this will be very difficult for the kids especially that this process might turn ugly and I just hope for the best. I even offer my cousin to have her kids lives with us for awhile or if she needs anything. Anyways, I just hope that everything will be back in order in the days to come.

Good night y'all.

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