Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fried cheese balls for the holidays

I've gotten used to cooking things in much bigger proportions now because our twin boys are in a growth spurt right now and it seems like all they do is eat and grow out of their clothes. So when it fell on me to host our big family Christmas meal together for this year, I wasn't that worried about it because I've gotten a little better fixing more and more food.

But I had no idea what to fix for everyone to eat once they start arriving there because all of my family never gets to one place at the same time when they're supposed to. While I was online looking up recipes so that I could fix as finger foods. While I was searching for some recipes, I came across some information about Clear wireless internet systems and after I read through most of it, I decided to sign up for the new internet service.

I chose a recipe for fried cheese balls because I thought that my twins would really like them and everyone else too. Plus, with those I can make a ton of them so they'll be some left for the other family members.

Guest post written by Alicia Jones

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