Saturday, December 11, 2010

Toll Free Numbers

I had recently found out that Namada is a company that offers international call forwarding as well as toll free forwarding services to any country around the globe.  This tollfreeforwarding services will definitely make life easier for any retailers or manufacturers out there who wants to conquer the world of business internationally. For instance, a friend of mine who now resides in Hawaii is into exporting and importing raw materials from the Philippines for their craft business. She had been telling me that she is trying to get a free toll number which she can use 24/7 for her business and her clientele.

Well, I am glad that I can offer her my help by telling her about what Namada is offering. Namada had been providing their customers the best international forwarding services, US and International Conference calls, toll free forwarding services, cheap phone call plans since 1991.

If you are interested to know their rates then I encourage you guys to check any of the links above. Try this out today!

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