Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Full of Bliss!

Hubby received a surprise gift from my father in law today. He was all smile after I arrived from work about an hour ago and told me that we will check in at one of the luxury lodges that my father in law book for us. I was ecstatic upon hearing this good news and I gave my hubby a hug because this means that we will have a relaxing anniversary celebration. Everyone is delighted that we will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary next week; so my husband's father decided to surprise us with this amazing gift.

Actually, I am not feeling well because my allergies and sinusitis is driving me nuts today. I hate being sick and I wish it will go away soon. I am glad that I am off from work tomorrow but I still need to do another review for my final exam for Thursday and after that this fall semester is over for me. Hopefully, I will get my final grades on time so I can register for spring semester before January.

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