Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stained glass Christmas cookies

Now that I'm living away from home and can't just drive an hour from my dorm room to go and get a good home-cooked meal from my parents, I'm getting pretty nostalgic for those times. Therefore I'm making strides to become a little more domestic myself. One thing that I'm really missing right now is homemade Christmas cookies, so I really wanted to make some special ones on my own.

 I went online to try and find a good Christmas cookies recipe because I don't have any on my own or even own a cookbook. But I mean, there's really no use now if you have internet access anyway. When I was looking up recipes a few nights ago, I found some information on a new internet service in my area and after I thought it over, I decided to change over my internet service to it.

One recipe that I found was for these stained glass Christmas cookies that I remember I made with my mom one year for Christmas. I loved them so much and they were so neat to look at, so I'm going to make some this weekend.

Guest post written by Alexis Gregory

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