Saturday, November 6, 2010

Single and Successful

I have nine younger sisters and four of them are already a professional holder and they have great careers in the Philippines. For me,  I don't really see it a problem that all four of them are single and they are not in a relationship right now but my younger sisters had been telling me lately that their friends from the neighborhood and their place of work is insinuating that they will be single forever.

All four of them answered their friends and colleagues at work that Mr. Future Boyfriend or Husband hasn't come yet in their lives. Out of 12 children that my parents have, I am the only one who is married and I am the eldest among the children.

I was telling my sisters that not to rush into things because of peer pressure but all I want them to do is be happy and content being single for now while waiting for Mr. Future Boyfriend or Husband to come along. I hope and pray that they will always find happiness in every way.

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