Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roller Coasters

There's nothing better than going to the county fair. I love to go with friends because we are like to ride the roller coasters together.

We don't waste any time when we get there. We go right in and we get our tickets for the rides. There are always so many people there, and the lines are so long. This is usually why it is best to go with friends. They make the time pass by so much faster because you have someone to talk to. We hardly even notice how long we are standing in line because we are chatting about the events of the days.

When we get on the rides we are always a little nervous, but that doesn't stop us from riding the scary rides. We just hold on and scream as the rides go higher and higher. It's a real thrill. We usually wait until we are tired of riding before we stop for anything to eat.

It's always fun to see the county fair come to town. We always stay late, and it's near closing time when we are ready to leave. It's usually late, but I look forward to staying up. I like to come home after the fair and call my friends. We talk for hours and hours about our night as I watch my satellite TV from

Guest written by our friend Mario Reed

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