Friday, November 19, 2010

Cabling Contractor

While I was at my place of work today we received a short memo from the owner of our company telling all employees that we will be opening two branches within city limits. Everyone is excited because the big boss also announces that we will be receiving our cash bonuses for Thanksgiving as well as for Christmas.

Anyways, one thing that the boss had mention in his letter is that they are still looking for a trusted and reliable Structured Cabling Contractor who will install and put the needed cable around the new two buildings. He said that he had to make sure that our establishment meets the standard requirements to pass the inspection before we can start to operate the store.

I don't really have a complete idea how important to have a trusted electrical contractor or data cabling installers not until I read about Mason247 website. Actually, they have been into business since 2002 and they are the fastest growing company who specializes in data cabling solutions, low voltage equipment installations, data networking, Wi-Fi installation and more.

I am thinking of sharing this website to my boss; who knows I would be able to help them decide which company to hire to install all the cables.

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