Thursday, November 4, 2010

Restaurant Needs

I am very excited to find out that one of the many members of our Filipino club organization here in Texas is planning to open a restaurant business early of next year. This Filipino couple that I met since I arrived here four years ago is both retired registered nurse. They have two children who are both married and their children lived somewhere in the sunny state of California.

Anyways, my Manong and Manang whom I fondly called wanted me to help them find the best restaurant equipment, professional cookware or restaurant supply to be used ones they start running their restaurant soon. Manang and Kuya also wanted to hire professional chefs that are also Filipinos because the restaurant will be serving traditional dish from the Philippines.

Suffice to say, I found out that Wasserstrom is the number one provider for all your restaurant needs across the United States of America. They offer a wide selection of chain restaurant supplies, hotel supplies, kitchen supplies and more.

One of my favorite restaurants a must to have is this Gourmet Display Bowls below. I will definitely inform my Manang and Manong about Wasserstrom; I bet they will love this website.

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