Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pecan pie lovers

Guest post written by Hillary Pines
I've never met people who love their pecan pie as much as the people in my family. I really don't know if my parents brainwashed into loving it so much or what. Or maybe we're just used to eating it. My Grandma always did make the best pecan pie I've ever had or even heard about.

This year I got elected to make the pecan pies for our family Thanksgiving and the pressure is really on to perform. I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to it because if I mess them up I'll never to be able to live it down at family events. I have the filling recipe already, but I took to my wireless internet to find a great pie crust recipe.

You can't just buy that premade crust in a pie tin to serve to people this serious about their pecan pies.

After trying out a couple of different recipes that I found for pie crust, I think that I tracked down the ultimate flaky pie crust recipe! I donÕt think IÕll hear any real complaints.

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