Saturday, November 27, 2010

My First Black Friday Shopping Experience

I remember the first time I went out Black Friday. It was crazy I couldn't believe the long line to get into the store and it was so cold. We were all shivering waiting for the store to open. My parents had told my husband and me to go out because of the good deals that were offered. I was so surprised at how nutty the people were to get those discounts. I have become one of them desperately trying to get the best deal at the stores. Now we subscribe to the newspaper and are able to plan our shopping ahead of time. We strategize our routes and decide on the most important items.

The shoppers are frantic to grab just about everything they can get their hands on, luckily the stores plan for this and have plenty of merchandise. We have found some stores are better at stocking. It's disappointing to get up early and try to snag that good buy only to have it gone. There are stores that only offer five items at that great price and people sleep overnight at the store to try and get them. I can't imagine spending the night; it's hard enough to get up early. We set our home security alarm from before leaving to do our shopping that way we know our home is secure.
Guest post written by Wilford Alford

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