Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Will You Marry Me?

 I always like to hear real love stories with happy endings. My mother always told me that I am a dreamer and a strong believer of happy marriage. I am very fortunate to have met this couple during one of our church gathering here in my place. Actually, both couple has been a regular visitor in the church for the past months and recently they announce that they were engaged and will be having their engagement party after Thanksgiving week.

Well, I am very intrigue to check her engagement ring on her beautiful hand and ask her if I can see it. The sweet lady obliged to my request and showed the ring to me. It is the most exquisite, lovely engagement ring I've ever seen. I am really happy for her and I congratulate her for their engagement. Today, I have the chance to check different websites and I stumble upon this online store called Since 1910 who specializes in creating beautiful engagement rings or wedding rings for that special moment. The best part about them is that you can personalize your engagement ring or wedding ring to suit your taste and style.

By the way, I have uploaded a picture of one of my favorite engagement rings I found at Since 1910 store. Hurry and check this out guys!

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