Thursday, November 4, 2010

Household Items That Are Needed to be Recycled

Consider this before throwing these types of common household items; remember it can harm our environment. Choose the best answer! I've read this article from Yahoo Green and heard it from DJ Tesh.

1. Bacon Grease- Instead of throwing your cooking oil or bacon grease in your sink make sure to used a shredded paper to absorb the grease or oil before throwing them. Remember throwing your oil and grease in your sink will clog up as well as clogging up your pipes.

2. Old electronics and batteries- both items contain toxic metals. Throwing them improperly is illegal in the 41 states of America. If you don't want them around you the best option is to bring them to Best Buy or Radio Shack because they will take it for FREE.

3. Light Bulb or Florescent bulb- they are to be recycled or thrown properly because they contain a small amount of mercury. The best option you can do is to bring them to any Ikea outlet or Home Depot; they will gladly recycle it for FREE.

4. Oil-base paint- the Habitat for Humanity organization will gladly accept your oil paint donation. Before tossing the oil-base paint, make sure that they are fully dried.

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