Saturday, November 1, 2008

Australia's Pride

If you are planning on buying a domain name don't forget to check Netfleet, the biggest online marketplace for Australian domain names with more Australian visitors than any other site. When you list a domain name for sale at Netfleet you're getting maximum exposure to potential buyers and therefore giving yourself the best possible chance to sell your domain, at the best possible price.

The good thing about Netfleet, is that they do not charge domain owners to list their domain properties on their site. Nor do they charge a fee for any successful transaction. But before you can start enjoying your business with Netfleet, first you have to register and submit your domains right away.

When selling your domain name, Netfleet recommend you to take advantage of the description feature to explain in two sentences or less the major features of your domain name. Search volumes, instances of the domain name in search engine results, incoming links, age of domain and traffic are all examples of relevant information that will help you achieve the best possible offer for your domain name.

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