Sunday, November 2, 2008

You Can Find Tranquility In Your Garden

If you want to embrace the beauty of nature through your garden then here is your chance to own or built a one of a kind innovative design with the touch of natural beauty of wood and glass; traditional materials combine with sophisticated technology to create a garden building with a difference via Garden Escape Company.

A home office, or an elegant garden room or just a place to relax away from the house. Every Garden Escape creation is built by an experienced team of technicians and can be tailored to your individual needs. All you have to decide is where you want it.

My dream is that in the future, I would want to have my own garden home office, where I can sit and relax and be stress free. The good thing is that Garden Escape offers a new way of life, a life without the stress of commuting and all that it entails. They actually have a garden home office design to meet my needs in the future.

Likewise, they also offer a range of different Garden Escape design for example you can have a Garden Gym or Studio, School Garden Escape design to give the school more rooms to teach, or you can also use as teenage retreats, games rooms, therapy rooms and consultancy rooms.

Garden Escape company produces a range of contemporary constructions using cedar and iroko wood (both carefully selected from sustainable sources). Compliance with home buildings regulations is assured and heat loss is minimize through using such materials as wood, heat reflective glass and glass wool recycled insulation.

The specification of Garden Escapes includes:

1. Construction of strong, secure foundation
2. Connection of your electricity supply and data/phone cabling
3. Convection heating,ample electric sockets, stylish soft recessed lighting
4. Thermal and acoustic insulation to the same standards as a newly built home
5. Internal painted plaster finish
6. Engineered oak flooring
7. Double glazing with Pilkington 'K' Glass for quite light
8. Externally clad in beautiful western red cedar, so no maintenance required
9. Insurance Backed Guarantee for all domestic building

Check it now so you will start enjoying the Garden Escape design for life.

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