Thursday, November 13, 2008

Filipino Superstitious Beliefs When It Comes To Love,Marriage and Courtship

Filipino have a lot of folk beliefs especially about life, family, wealth and luck. Here are list of examples that many old folks or even young folks in the Philippines still believes until today. When it comes to Love,Courtship and Marriage here are the famous superstitious beliefs from Philippines:

1. If you want to know how your future spouse looks like-

Then all you have to do is
wake up in the middle of the night and take a look at yourself in the mirror while holding a lighted candle. At first, the image in the mirror will appear to be a skeleton. After five minutes, you will see a full view of the person you will marry.

Giving gifts to your beloved-

a. Do not even think of giving your love one a handkerchiefs because it will only make her cry.

b. Do not give your love one any sharp or pointed objects because it will only lead this
to a broken engagement.

Eloping and the half moon-

a. When a star appears near a half-moon, it is a sign that young couples are eloping.

4. Before the wedding-

a. Couples should avoid traveling to avoid accidents.

b. The
bride should not try on her wedding dress before the wedding. If she does, the wedding will not push through.

5. On the wedding day-

The groom should arrive at the church before the bride, in order to avoid bad luck.

b. Dropping the wedding ring, or the couple's veil, or arrhae during the wedding ceremony means that the couple will not be happy in their marriage.

c. The groom who sits down ahead of his bride during their wedding ceremony will be a henpecked husband.

During the wedding ceremony a bride must step on her husband's foot in order to that both of them will agree on things that they will undertake, and so that her husband will not be cruel to her

Whoever of the couple stands first after the ceremony, will die ahead of the other.

A bride who cries during the wedding will bring bad luck to the marriage.

It is bad omen for the newly-wed couple if their parents cry during the wedding.

If it rains during the wedding, the couple will have many cry babies.

Throwing rice at the newly-wed couple will bring them prosperity in life.

Breaking something during the wedding reception brings goodluck to the newly-wed couple.

Upon entering their new home, the couple should go up the stairs alongside each other so that neither one will dominate the other.

Other folk beliefs and superstitions:

It is bad luck for two siblings to be married within the same year. In order to remedy the situation, the sibling who marries later in the year should pass through the backstairs of the church on the day of the wedding.

A person who habitually sits at the head of the table during meals will never marry.

Women who have moles under their eyes, right where their tears fall, will be widowed.

Removing plates from the table while an unmarried woman is still eating will keep her single all her life.

An unwed girl who follows the footprints of a newly-wed couple will marry soon.

If a woman is widowed during a new moon, she will marry again.

A married woman who wears a pearl ring will cause her husband to commit adultery.

If the husband leaves the house soon after a quarrel, the wife should get his shirt, hang it over the stove, and whip it several times. The husband is certain to come back.

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