Friday, November 14, 2008

Looking Forward for the Holiday Season

My husband and I are very excited for the upcoming celebrations from Thanksgiving, and of course we will be celebrating our Second Wedding Anniversary as well as Celebrating our Christmas together.

I was surprised because my husband is the one who have been telling me that we need to look for a Christmas Tree so we can decorate our apartment already. He was never been this excited since I arrived here in the US two years ago. His dad was telling him not to buy ornaments for Christmas Trees because he have a lot to spare for us.

I know that I will not be preparing Turkey at our apartment because we already have a lot of invitation from my husband's family to go there and celebrate with them. Anyways, I am looking forward for the Thanksgiving holiday because that means no work for me and it also means that we can spend time together with my husband and his family.



Pearl said...

Hi there! I'm sure you'll have a very merry Christmas with the family. Have a nice weekend:-)