Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Software

Whether you are a small business tracking a few employees or a large enterprise with thousands of people to administer and is looking for specific software to be used in your company or business establishment for that reason check this site out and see for yourself They offer three very important software like the Attendance Tracking with SoftTIME, Job Tracking and Management with TimeKron, and the complete Human Resource systems.

To further give you a much clearer information on the specific use of the software mention above let me give you a brief information for the usage of each software from

1. Human Resource systems- This comprehensive employee management combines full Human Resource "HR" functionality with the latest advancements. HR Diamond is a flexible system to store and retrieve important employee information.

2. Attendance Tracking with SoftTime- is configured into three different separate versions which is design for a small, medium or enterprise size companies. Its Key features includes: Complete Employee Attendance Management, Up to 24 Customized Leave Categories, Handle Complex Accrual Rules, Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface, Schedule Absences, Supports a “Points” System, Vacation Buy Option. This are some the examples of the key features that you can see when you use the Attendance Tracking by SoftTime.

3. Job Tracking and Management with TimeKron- it collects and manage employee work time using electronically submitted time sheets, on-screen punch clock, biometric hardware, and custom web pages.

As always invites you to “Try before you Buy”. So download their free demo trial software now and enjoy!

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