Sunday, November 9, 2008

Poor Thing!

I feel bad for Vivian last night. Out of boredom my other co-workers plan to throw her on the sink that was filled with water. My team leader told me that they actually did the same thing with another girl the other night and they were just laughing. An hour before we close they decided to get Vivi and put her in the sink that was filled with water. Without any warning, they were pulling her back and forth. She was squirming as much as she can, trying to kick the other girl and trying to just put all her weight on so they will not be able to lift her up and throw on the sink.

But because there was three of them that were pulling her eventually, they were able to carry her and throw her on the sink. Her body was all soak and she was really mad at them. But they were just laughing telling her that it was just all joke. I just feel bad because I can't do anything.

She called her friends to tell them if they can bring clothes for her, because she still needs to do her job. I told my husband about it and even my hubby was telling me that it was mean for them to do that to her. And I said to myself well, if they do that to me I will really kick them hard that they will regret that they do that to me. But I know for myself that they won't do that because I really don't like doing mean things to them. I might end up telling my big boss about what happened.


Nita said...

I think it's really mean especially nga wala pa nahuman iya shift. Mo trabaho pa sya, etc.

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texaswithlove1982 said...

I will check it a little bit later today. I am confused as to where I start it!

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