Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just A Click Away

Sears.com introduces their Sears2Go program, the mobile commerce website for the holiday shopper on the go. With Sears2Go you can now select and search on thousands of products that is listed on Sears.com through your mobile phone. Sears.com is the first US retailer to have this kind of program that gives customers the option of ordering their specific item through their mobile phone.

This is very convenient for customers who do not have time to shop or buy the product online. We all know that shopping can be so tiring and since the holiday season is fast approaching we are indeed lucky that Sears.com launch their Sears2Go program. My husband and I both work and we don't have the same days off at work. And most of the time we do our best to make sure that we both have the same time off at work so we can go shopping together.

Remember after purchasing your product at Sears2Go using your mobile phone, you now then received a text message confirming that your purchase item at Sears2Go is now ready for pickup. So try now TEXT SHOP at 73277 or you can still visit Sears2Go. Also you can try the other features at Sears2Go such as the shopping and cart check out, the product search and browsing,gifts, product reviews, oh and especially the store locator as well as special offers through your email address or text alert offer through your cellphone. So start shopping now!


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Shirley said...

Sears.com is so innovative and they are taking mobile commerce to a whole new level.

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