Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Beauty of Nature

Red Rocks Data Center's Green Page is the most peculiar state of the art data center and hosting facility. They are located in Morrison, Colorado which is surrounded with mountains and it is just minutes away from downtown Denver, Colorado.

Red Rocks Data Center's Green Page is environmentally friendly because they use fresh mountain air to cool their facility when the temperature drops to 72 degrees. The new cooling unit is just the beginning of the many future ongoing projects to help them reduce their energy cost. They are doing the best to become the "greenest" and environmentally friendly private data center.

Red Rocks Data Center will provide world class hosting facilities to small or to medium sized businesses. Their facility was originally built by NASA and was the largest non-military satellite facility in America.

You can also read their press release about Red Rocks Data Center to get to know them better.

Press Release:

Contact: Tom Nats
Managing Partner
Phone: 303-558-2155 x201
866-528-5111 toll free
PO Box 803
Morrison CO

Red Rocks Data Center Installs Energy Efficient Cooling System

“A state-of-the-art ‘air economizer’ system further reduces Red Rocks Data Center operational costs and environmental impact.”

Morrison, Colorado - November 17, 2008: Red Rocks Data Center (RRDC), striving to become one of
the nation's "greenest" data centers, recently installed an environmentally responsible cooling system. They chose a Trane Voyager ( unit which incorporates an outdoor air economizer that uses free
mountain air to cool the data center.

Installation of this cutting edge cooling system has cut RRDC’s cooling costs to one-sixth that of their previous, conventional air conditioning system. “By cutting our consumption of green house gas emitting, coal-fired electricity, we have put our money where our mouth is in regards to becoming one of Colorado’s greenest data centers while passing the cost savings onto our customers”, remarked RRDC’s managing partner, Tom Nats. RRDC was recently awarded the Bronze level in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s "Environmental Leadership Awards" for their energy efficiency. In addition, RRDC is working with the Colorado School of Mines to design a data center expansion area in the most environmentally-friendly means possible.

RRDC is hidden behind the "hog back" in Morrison, Colorado in a "frost hollow" that has abundant cool air. Housed in a former NASA satellite uplink facility, the center now draws cool, filtered mountain air into the building throughout the year, virtually eliminating the need for expensive air conditioning. Tom adds, “We will also be adding duct work to capture hot server air and use it to heat our office space during the winter months. This allows us to virtually eliminate our heating costs.” Mr. Nats adds “We also offer discounts to ‘green’ groups and nonprofits.”

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