Saturday, November 8, 2008

Certified Ebay Buyer and Seller

Last September was my husband's birthday and the funny thing is that he gave me a list of things that he wanted to receive during his natal day. The list included four video games that he wished to have. He said that he doesn't mind if the video games are used, in good condition or new. So since I have limited knowledge of video games and the only way that I can buy any of the video games is for him to drive me to a game shop or in the mall. I didn’t want to do that because I wanted to surprise him.

I've been Selling on eBay for awhile now and one thing I remember is that I saw a lot of listings or auctions for video games. From new video games to video games that are in good condition. I was very excited to browse and see if I can find any of the video games that my husband wanted to have for his birthday. I was very pleased when I found the four video games that my hubby wanted to have. So I had to bid for each game so I can win the auction. In the end I won three out of four video games that my husband wanted.

Selling on eBay had been really great. For me as long as you have the most peculiar thing that attract peoples attention online then it will be easy for you to generate income through eBay.


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