Monday, November 3, 2008

I was startled just watching this show!

Last Saturday, after I arrived from worked that day I decided to get cozy at our living room. I decided to scan and see if what kind of shows they have. I've been watching a couple of episode from this show titled Paranormal State before. For some reason the episode that they have last Saturday gives me chills and it freaks me out.

It's about a young lady about 26 years old who had scratches on her back where it says 6. The title of that said episode was "I Am Six". At first the parents of the said lady called the Paranormal State team to investigate if their house is haunted or not. Laura which is the name of the young woman had been drown, beaten by an unseen forces also she have words written on her stomach and at the back of her body as well, she had a pentagram marks on her legs.

So while the team look for an answer on what's really going on inside the house of Laura, they were checking everything and find that it was not the house that is haunted but it was Laura who had been posses by a Demonic entity. They were searching for more answer and the team called a priest.

Finally, they told Laura's parents that they need to do exorcism to their daughter. While they are doing the exorcism to Laura, the priest said show your true presents and the part that gives me chills was that after the priest said that there was a heavy wind coming outside the window, the chimes were all moving and their daughter started to say " I am Six" and I am many and she was using her finger to draw a pentagram. She even try to take the priest's hand out of her forehead and I was so scared on what will happened next, she looks totally different an just wild and scary, there was a part when she looks like she is not breathing at all.

And then it was gone, but then they said that they are not really sure if it will be gone for good. After two weeks that the Paranormal State Team left, Laura suffered a violent reaction of holy water and was later admitted to a hospital and her battle continues.

I pray for her safe recovery and may the Lord guide and protect this lady. We need to be constantly closer to God and keep our faith strong. We do not really know what experiences we will have in the future. We have to keep believing in God, go to church and read the holy scriptures.

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