Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 Ways to Utilize: Orange Peels

I am honored to share this knowledge and tips that I read from the Discovery Channel about the usage of orange peels. Here are the following lists:

  1. Insect repellant- these are actually common practice at home with my family way back while I was growing up in the Philippines. Every time my grandmother bought oranges, she usually told us to keep the peels in one place. She will then tell us to rub the peels into our skin so the bugs will stay away.
  2. Brown sugar/Spices/Herbs- normally I use brown sugar whenever I cook Filipino dishes. I have notice that brown sugar gets dry easily. To solve this problem, you can put pieces of the orange peels into your sugar container and within a couple of hours you will get tender and fluffy brown sugar again.
  3. Orange peels as Room Fresheners- you can put orange peels into your vents or radiators. It works better compared to artificial air freshener.
  4. Orange peels-is use as flavoring for any dishes or deserts. Use the zest from the orange for food flavoring.
  5. Rub the orange peels to your plants. Your pets like dog and cats will never tear your plants again.


jenskie said...

hi! this is a great tips, i usually use orange peel as a room freshener and yes it really works better than the artificial one.


kat said...

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