Friday, June 18, 2010

Helping a Friend

My husband and I have a long day today because we are helping my friend with her immigration paper. My friend is applying for her Adjustment of Status through marriage to an American and she has no idea how to start the process. I am also inspired to help her since she just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last January 14, 2010.

Since my husband and I had already did the same process three years ago, I told her that I can help her fill out the form because I still have the old documents which I save from my previous dealings with the US Immigration office.

I was off today from work so we were able to go to her apartment and fill out the forms that she needed. Everything turns out easy for her since she only need to follow what I have done before regarding the Adjustment of Status.

After we left from her apartment, I just remembered that I forgot to take my eyeglasses with me. I called my friend awhile back and she told me that she can drop my eyeglass at work. Happy weekend guys!

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Cacai M. said...

You're a helpful and kind-hearted woman Gie.. you deserve a thumbs-up! God bless.. ~hugs&kisses~

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