Thursday, June 24, 2010


When summer season starts I usually get excited because I love to do a lot of outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, camping, walking, fishing and traveling. I have always been very adventurous while growing up especially that both of my parents like to go camping and hiking maybe because we can have so much fun without spending too much.

The only bad thing about being outside for that long is that we are putting ourselves of being exposed to the sun too much. Mine you, I love to go swimming but I hate having sunburn in my back, neck, face, arms and legs. It is really painful and it could be a very uncomfortable situation. I remember that my aunt D always wear some kind of anti-aging products because she is worried that she will look twice her age. But did you know that when you visit today you will find out that they are producing one hundred percent pure l-ergothioneine worldwide.

If you want to know more about these antioxidant products you may follow them at Oxis on Twitter or Oxis on facebook. What are you waiting folks? Check this out today!


kat said...

HAHAHAHAHA hsta nako katawa nimo Gee kay hapit naka muhilak kay wa pa ko naka follow. Actually, mi-follow ko nimo pero naabtan ko ug brownout, so namatay ang comp na wa ko sure if save na ba tong pag follow nako or wala...then naka limot na noon ko ug check if naka follow na ba jud ko the next day nga naa ko diri hahahaha. sorry jud kaayo Gee ha! Thanks sa remind diay...o ayaw na hilak diha kay kaning Oxis, humana ko ani ug post...then i read from other bloggers na scam daw ang bloggerwave...pero ayaw ug tuo kay naka received nako ug payment sa ila 3 times na ug ang latest payment nako ay kaning from OXIS...wala to sila bayari kay siguro wala ma approve sa advertiser ila post and maybe naay suggestion na repost ba or rewrite nya wala nila buhata so dili jud sila bayaran.

Anyway good luck na ma approve dayon ning imong OXIS...hehehe

texaswithlove1982 said...

Haha. pagka bibo ani Kat oi.. First time ra ba nakong accept sa ilang offer. Hopefully, maka kita pod ta sa atong hinaguan ani...No guts, no glory man pod...Suwayan nalang ni. Salamat diay daahn.

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