Sunday, June 27, 2010


My cousin who resides in Hawaii is planning to renovate the house that he and his wife purchase last year. They wanted to start the renovation of their new property because his mother who is my aunt is schedule to arrive later this year from the Philippines.

JR wants to put Subway tiles around his bathroom as well as different tiles in their living room and dining room. By the way, he prefers tiles more than anything else because according to him it is easier to maintain and to clean. Well, I feel lucky to have visited this website called Glass Tile Store because they offer a huge variety of tiles such as Metal Tiles, Large Glass Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Pool Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Back splash Tiles and many more.

Anyways, Glass Tile Store is offering FREE SHIPPING for every $50 worth of order across America. If you are interested with any of their products, you can also purchase 3 samples and get the 4th samples for FREE.

I would definitely inform my cousin about Glass Tile Store so he can check it tomorrow.

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Gabriel said...

I have also bought my kitchen's tiles in Glass Tile Store few years ago for my parent's house. Now, I have also discovered new and gorgeous designs that you and your cousin will surely love. I bought my bathroom's tiles for my new house at Arizona Tile. You could check their site and you will be amazed as I am.

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