Monday, June 28, 2010

When Two Become One

My husband and myself are invited to a wedding party this coming July the 20th. The groom is one of my husband's best friends from work and he wanted my husband to be one of his groom's men and myself to be one of the bride's maids. I felt much honored to be attending this wedding because it will bring memory when my husband and I became one.

By the way, here is the catch. I want to purchase a special gift for the bride and the groom. I have been visiting different websites for over an hour now and out of the blue I manage to pick one of the best online stores. JK Adams Direct online store specializes in peculiar products such as jk adams cutting board, jk adams wine rack, jk adams pot rack, jk adams spice rack, jk adams furniture and much more.

I am thinking of purchasing this wonderful jk adams spice racks for my kitchen. Hubby told me that both bride and the groom like to collect wines from all over the world. I am now planning to order these 42 bottle wine storage for the couple to be. I am crossing my fingers that both of them of will love it.

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